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The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby

Author: Qi Xi

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Updated: 2021-09-25 14:40:38

Latest chapter: Chapter 415: Los

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《The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby》Latest chapter
Chapter 415: Los
Chapter 414: The sanctity of matrimony is missing
Chapter 413: Take her husband to school to show off
Chapter 412: A show of goodwill
Chapter 411: The so-called innocent playmates
Chapter 410: Xu Yishi promises
Chapter 409: Luo Yibei, I’m hur
Chapter 408: Chixia is gon
Chapter 407: Play with you
Chapter 406: Blocked her in the room
Chapter 405: Carried her out outrageously
Chapter 404: First date
《The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby》' main text
Chapter 415: Los
Chapter 414: The sanctity of matrimony is missing
Chapter 413: Take her husband to school to show off
Chapter 412: A show of goodwill
Chapter 411: The so-called innocent playmates
Chapter 410: Xu Yishi promises
Chapter 409: Luo Yibei, I’m hur
Chapter 408: Chixia is gon
Chapter 407: Play with you
Chapter 406: Blocked her in the room
Chapter 405: Carried her out outrageously
Chapter 404: First date
Chapter 403: Dress up for a date
Chapter 402: Tonight, I’ll wait for you
Chapter 401: Extorting gifts from her
Chapter 400: Not for you
Chapter 399: That photo…
Chapter 398: A lonely man and woman together is the most dangerous
Chapter 397: Surprises waiting for you
Chapter 396: Miss me in the middle of the night?
Chapter 395: Abducting Shi Shaoye
Chapter 394: This is for you
Chapter 393: I’m not familiar with you
Chapter 392: What’s done is done
Chapter 391: Carry me ou
Chapter 390: Luo Yibei, I think….
Chapter 389: Don’t like you being with her
Chapter 388: This is what you asked for
Chapter 387: Moonless night deepens
Chapter 386: No one can bully her
Chapter 385: Swallow her alive
Chapter 384: You’re more dangerous
Chapter 383: Silky voice
Chapter 382: My only condition is you stay with me
Chapter 381: Go alone
Chapter 380: The urge to embrace him
Chapter 379: Later, I’ll take control.
Chapter 378: I only belong to you
Chapter 377: Rob her of her identity
Chapter 376: Dote on her so much
Chapter 375: So vigorous
Chapter 374: Can’t you sleep without me?
Chapter 373: You’re merely a whim
Chapter 372: Not just a kiss. Fang Chixia took a fright, tilted her head, looked at him holding her hand. Luo Yibei stared at her face, his gaze lingering by at an extremely slow speed, then he raised an eyebrow, “Were you accompanying Xiao Zuo?”
Chapter 371: Track him on a date.
Chapter 370: Chixia, duped
Chapter 369: Wedding rings are ready.
Chapter 368: The whole world knows how close you are
Chapter 367: Sweet, very sweet childhood
Chapter 366: Like him, grab him
Chapter 365: A finger can squeeze you to death.
Chapter 364: Always liked him
Chapter 363: From now on, you belong to me alone
Chapter 362: You don’t deserve serving me the least bi
Chapter 361: Help her settle the deb
Chapter 360: Why didn’t you think about me
Chapter 359: Leave him
Chapter 358: Please help me
Chapter 357: Very ugly, don’t look.
Chapter 356: Ask him for help
Chapter 355: It’s time for you to pay back
Chapter 354: Do nothing but fawn
Chapter 353: Childhood sweethearts
Chapter 352: This is what Yibei sent me.
Chapter 351: The best wedding gif
Chapter 350: Company encounter
Chapter 349: Stay tonight, will you?
Chapter 348: Did you miss me?
Chapter 347: Su Ran’s back
Chapter 346: When I grow up, I want to be your bride
Chapter 345: If I can’t get married. You have to take responsibility for me.
Chapter 344: Great Treasure, come here
Chapter 343: Don’t know how to treasure it.
Chapter 342
Chapter 341: Grandpa’s test.
Chapter 340: Hug each other to bed
Chapter 339: My room is your room
Chapter 338: Don’t want to leave you alone
Chapter 337: Tricked into going to the Luo’s residence
Chapter 336: Brother Yibei likes sexy.
Chapter 335: Created a sensation in the whole city
Chapter 334: The diverse roles of a wife
Chapter 333: You’re moved
Chapter 332: My taste is not that convoluted.
Chapter 331: I don’t want you to go.
Chapter 330: I’ll wait for him at Hilton tonigh
Chapter 329: Luo Shaoye is in a rage
Chapter 328: Su Ran calls
Chapter 327: She declined
Chapter 326: She’s my wife
Chapter 325: A rush of excitemen
Chapter 324: Chixia’s striking design
Chapter 323: Do her wife’s duty
Chapter 322: Make a move on him
Chapter 321: Wild and sensual.
Chapter 320: Stay with you
Chapter 319: Go find yourself a woman if you have the guts
Chapter 318: Rough punishmen
Chapter 317: Intimate lovers
Chapter 316: Would you believe me
Chapter 315: Her obedience
Chapter 314: The warmest embrace
Chapter 313: When are you going to stop looking at me
Chapter 312: Chixia in crisis
Chapter 311: I’m not missing a fan
Chapter 310: Stupid, shut up!
Chapter 309: Like a second honeymoon
Chapter 308: Borrow her for a few days
Chapter 307: Snap at him
Chapter 306: It’s just for him
Chapter 305: I won’t let myself lose
Chapter 304: Call me Luo Gege
Chapter 303: Qing Gege, Qing Gege
Chapter 302: A flustered Bei Shaoye
Chapter 301: When her face was so calm
Chapter 300: She is gone
Chapter 299: Just because I am your husband
Chapter 298: Come home with me
Chapter 297: Too close
Chapter 296: A match made in heaven
Chapter 295: Don’t mess with a precious flower with a master
Chapte 294: You lead, I’ll follow
Chapter 293: Surprised him yet again
Chapter 292: Got news of her
Chapter 291: First night at Chris Castle
Chapter 290: Wit undone
Chapter 289: It was her heart that you lost.
Chapter 288: Come here, don’t let me repeat the third time
Chapter 287: One on one wager
Chapter 286: It would be more fun to play like this.
Chapter 285: Two formidable men me
Chapter 284: Don’t do this when I’m asleep
Chapter 283: Can’t marry her
Chapter 282: Yibei brother is keeping a lover
Chapter 281: He was sleeping naked
Chapter 280: Go and overturn his sheets
Chapter 278: Xiao Zuo and Grandpa’s raid
Chapter 277: Turbulent heartbea
Chapter 276: On the importance of her husband
Chapter 275: Terrible flexibility
Chapter 274: Are you jealous
Chapter 273: Interested in him?
Chapter 272
Chapter 271: Didn’t know that he’ll be worried about her
Chapter 270: Followed him to a room
Chapter 269: Formidable family background
Chapter 268: He’s waiting for you at the hotel
Chapter 267: Tricked
Chapter 266: Leads the wife to grab the bag
Chapter 265: Rongxi, I have the final say
Chapter 264: When enemies mee
Chapter 263: The most embarrassing date
Chapter 262: The winner is King
Chapter 261: Why did you come back?
Chapter 260: Let’s go
Chapter 259: A perilous nigh
Chapter 258: You don’t look so safe
Chapter 257: Poisonous tongue
Chapter 256: Angel’s Kiss
Chapter 255: Show her love
Chapter 254: Honey, be nice
Chapter 253: Childhood agreemen
Chapter 252
Chapter 251: Dragged into the lake
Chapter 250: Like i
Chapter 249
Chapter 248: Young Master Bei’s great masterpiece
Chapter 247
Chapter 246: Get up, you’re heavy.
Chapter 245: Just lef
Chapter 244: Do you want to come with me?
Chapter 243: I want to go back to China….
Chapter 242: Extortion
Chapter 241: This afternoon, she is his
Chapter 240: She’s Luo Yibei’s person
Chapter 239: Didn’t expect him to care for her
Chapter 238: Spend the night with her
Chapter 237: There’s this feeling…
Chapter 36: Tonight, don’t think of leaving
Chapter 235: Xia Xia made a big mistake
Chapter 234: Like it simple but rough
Chapter 233: Wife meets her in-laws
Chapter 232: Next time, moan louder at nigh
Chapter 231: In the future, you can lean on me
Chapter 230: Do you like me?
Chapter 229: Sleep here
Chapter 228: Her duty as wife
Chapter 227: Defend herself
Chapter 226: Yibei Master’s return
Chapter 225: Entering the Luo’s Residence
Chapter 224: An unexpected call
Chapter 223: Such a punishmen
Chapter 222: Go with me to Italy
Chapter 221: Are you trembling?
Chapter 220: You are so pitiful.
Chapter 219: Starting tomorrow, you’re Mine. 2
Chapter 218: Starting tomorrow, you’re mine 1
Chapter 217: Cruise ship casino
Chapter 216: Call me Grandpa.
Chapter 215: You look like you’ve been abandoned.
Chapter 214: Not a decent couple
Chapter 213: What did you do last night?
Chapter 212: You did a great job today
Chapter 211: See who I am
Chapter 210: Surprisingly beautiful
Chapter 209: I’m not going to hold up.
Chapter 208: Compelling someone to commit a crime
Chapter 207: My brother needs you now
Chapter 206: A glass of spiked wine
Chapter 205: Like her taking the initiative
Chapter 204: Young Master Xiao Zuo’s special hobby
Chapter 203: Full body makeover
Chapter 202: Xiao Zuo’s 36 stratagems.
Chapter 201: A game to decide the winner and loser
Chapter 200: Like playing an exquisite toy
Chapter 199: Hands off
Chapter 198: Wresting away her fruits of labor
Chapter 197: The airy romantic balcony
Chapter 196: If there is a child
Chapter 195: What’s wrong with multiple surprises?
Chapter 194: I’ll pick you up.
Chapter 193: The hottest gossip ever
Chapter 192: The 300 million dollar wedding rings
Chapter 191: Negotiations between two men
Chapter 190: Such a noble identity
Chapter 189: Not in public
Chapter 188: Do you like him?
Chapter 187: Working hours
Chapter 186: Blatantly flirting
Chapter 185: Are we indirectly kissing?
Chapter 184: Great Morning Turmoil
Chapter 183: You are embarrassed
Chapter 182: I thought you would
Chapter 181: Let your family be buried with you
Chapter 180: A tooth for a tooth
Chapter 179: He’s back.
Chapter 178: Hang up on her
Chapter 177: Negotiations
Chapter 176: Kidnapped
Chapter 175: Disappeared without a word
Chapter 174: Adapt starting today
Chapter 173: Disgusting
Chapter 172: He is my husband
Chapter 171: Crashed into each other
Chapter 170: Such a coincidence
Chapter 169: This kind of talk
Chapter 168: A white-eyed wolf.
Chapter 167: Get his hands on her
Chapter 166: So repulsive.
Chapter 165: Show of affection
Chapter 164: Leave this girl to me
Chapter 163: The real lady of the Luo Family
Chapter 162: Rongxi’s banque
Chapter 161: I can still be more of a bastard
Chapter 160: Best rule
Chapter 159: Kill me if you can
Chapter 158:Where are you going so early in the morning?
Chapter 157: The so-called involuntary
Chapter 156: We charge by the face here.
Chapter 155: Reflect on her status
Chapter 154: Already in such an close relationship
Chapter 153: Bankrupt.
Chapter 152: I’m your man
Chapter 151: So nauseating.
Chapter 150: Hold her in high esteem
Chapter 149
Chapter 148: Keep moving
Chapter 147: Fang Chixia’s Great Treasure
Chapter 146: I don’t see what you’re not happy about.
Chapter 145: It’s your obligation
Chapter 144: Still boldly going on a date under his nose?
Chapter 143: Go on a date
Chapter 142: A thorn in the hear
Chapter 141: Your man can only be me.
Chapter 140: You have no shame.
Chapter 139: Wife, your taste is really heavy.
Chapter 138: It’s only been a few days, Missed me.
Chapter 137: Raising his little sweetheart behind her back
Chapter 136: Sorry, I’m married.
Chapter 135: Strong Alliances
Chapter 134: First encounter
Chapter 133: Royal Feas
Chapter 132: Tossed by her
Chapter 131: Luo Yibei, be careful
Chapter 130: You don’t look well
Chapter 129: Just follow him.
Chapter 128: Cruise Night 2
Chapter 127: Cruise nigh
Chapter 126: Certainly amazed
Chapter 125: Having a dizzy spell
Chapter 124: First gif
Chapter 123: Can’t believe he is so open
Chapter 122: Missed Honeymoon
Chapter 121: Give her to me.
Chapter 120: Sleeping in a position like this.
Chapter 119: To pamper
Chapter 118: Baby…
Chapter 117: A third party who suddenly wandered in.
Chapter 116: Loosen the reins to capture one better
Chapter 115: Give you a chance now.
Chapter 114: What a wife should do.
Chapter 113: Your room is my room
Chapter 112: Call it intimacy
Chapter 111: Husband is handsome
Chapter 110: A pig teammate
Chapter 109: Just wear it/ It’s just so helpful.
Chapter 108: Boyfriend shortage
Chapter 107: She has to go without approval
Chapter 106: I just warned you
Chapter 105: Already have a husband
Chapter 104: The dilemma of choice
Chapter 103: Dating in front of him
Chapter 102: Who do you think I am?
Chapter 101: So Energetic
Chapter 100: Dumpling and a lot of money
Chapter 99: So gentle
Chapter 98: Even she can yell
Chapter 97: Take me out of here
Chapter 96: Getting caugh
Chapter 95: I have parents, you have no parents
Chapter 94: Enemies often cross each other’s path
Chapter 93: Shi Shaoye’s invitation
Chapter 92: The price of disobedience
Chapter 91: Settle accounts with her after autumn
Chapter 90: The Crown prince elects the imperial concubine
Chapter 89: Early morning raid
Chapter 88: Lie to him
Chapter 87: The one last time, remember
Chapter 86: In fact, you still have a third option
Chapter 85: Hit the right one
Chapter 84: A gift for you
Chapter 83: Poor thing….
Chapter 82: Help you fulfill a wish
Chapter 81: Defeated once again
Chapter 80: The fourth option, I’ve chosen for you.
Chapter 79: Showing off cleverness is a kingly way
Chapter 78: This is bribery
Chapter 77: Too late for regrets
Chapter 76: It’s okay if I come up.
Chapter 75: I’d be saddened if you ignore me too much
Chapter 74: This young master is not interested in you.
Chapter 73: You interrupted my date.
Chapter 72: Why the panic?
Chapter 71: So passionate
Chapter 70: I am married
Chapter 69: Time to go back
Chapter 68: So alive
Chapter 67: Need my help? No
Chapter 66: Entering Rongxi
Chapter 65: Show me what you’ve got.
Chapter 64: Glad to be so comfortable.
Chapter 63: Such a special existence
Chapter 62: Looks like this move works
Chapter 61: You do not sui
Chapter 60: My people, how I want to handle them is my business
Chapter 59: It was tamed
Chapter 58: What a fox
Chapter 57: Bold
Chapter 56: My person, as long as I can use her best at nigh
Chapter 55: Deliberately making things hard
Chapter 54: Can’t believe his heavy taste
Chapter 53: I won’t be reluctant to accompany you
Chapter 52: I’m honored to be your wife
Chapter 51: The Crown’s rage for the beauty
Chapter 50: Broken Hearts
Chapter 49: Match made in heaven
Chapter 48: Dig his wall
Chapter 47: My name is Little Lef
Chapter 46: I’m small and innocen
Chapter 45: I like the piece last night.
Chapter 44: The third day of marriage
Chapter 43: People under the roof should bow their heads for the time being.
Chapter 42: Why are you so careless?
Chapter 41: How shameless!
Chapter 40: So stunning
Chapter 39: Who are you to him?
Chapter 38: Mrs. Luo
Chapter 37: Such a cheap wedding ring
Chapter 36: A well-dressed man is not a good man.
Chapter 35: Husband….
Chapter 34: At a glance
Chapter 33: You can get shot lying down
Chapter 32: I want to go with you
Chapter 31: A terrible morning
Chapter 30: Lost in his eyes
Chapter 29: The so-called marriage.
Chapter 28: The obligation to say “Yes”
Chapter 27: A hearty candlelight dinner
Chapter 26: Married, Just like that.
Chapter 25: Prenuptial agreements
Chapter 24: My only condition.
Chapter 23: Let’s get married!
Chapter 22: 100 million, I’ll buy you.
Chapter 21: What I’ve touched, I don’t like others touching i
Chapter 20: Did I say you can go?
Chapter 19: First time being played
Chapter 18: That’s i
Chapter 17: A little louder
Chapter 16: Imperial City, Meet again
Chapter 15: Why don’t you get married?
Chapter 14: I will slowly pay you back later
Chapter 13: Flat broke
Chapter 12: Doing everything to please
Chapter 11: You held me last nigh
Chapter 10: The scandal reporters broke into
Chapter 9: The price of acting recklessly
Chapter 8: Is this all you can do?
Chapter 7: You better tell the truth!
Chapter 6: Fang Chixia
Chapter 5: Help me, you’ll have nothing to lose
Chapter 4: Get out! Show me!
Chapter 3: Get out of my way!
Chapter 2: Wrong room 2
Chapter 1: Wrong room 1